Rhythms & trends

Why do nature’s rhythms matter to business?

Seasonal, circadian, lunar and tidal patterns don’t just form the background to our lives – they are our lives. We are comprised of rhythms and exist within the rhythms of nature. They are fundamental to our wellbeing. And to corporate life. The quality of our personal and commercial experience when synced up with universal intelligence versus struggling and forcing through the limited mind is like night and day. Patterns in nature emphasise the changing and the changeless cycles of life and it’s these waves of energy that businesses must align with if they are to evolve and thrive. When businesses are attuned to these rhythms they can confidently navigate and benefit from them.

The future

As a trend forecaster for 10+ years I’ve learnt that all most people consciously (and subconsciously) concern themselves with is the future and how it’s going to impact them. It’s why people devour any media that mentions future business predictions, peruse star signs, visit psychics and seek influential thought leaders as friends. We want to be at the forefront of life. We don’t want to be left behind feeling trapped and insignificant.

I used to make strategic recommendations based solely on consumer trends, but as with most aspects of life today, the old way no longer works – innumerable commerce models are broken and unpredictability is the new normal. In the past, the majority of my clients wanted me to comprehend cycles of business and attitudinal change, but really, the most important cycles and frequencies to perceive and contextualise are nature’s. And so I began merging my expertise of global trends with the nuances of nature’s rhythms.

Rhythms & business

Lack of rhythm can be disastrous in business. It halts the flow of ideas and people, while constant forcing gives activities an unnatural pace. I help businesses be aware of the blocks that weaken them and show them how to ‘sync up’ with a greater power source. I focus on four rhythms – seasonal, circadian, lunar and tidal – and how these patterns and energies can support businesses in their day-to-day functioning so nature’s intelligence becomes their intelligence.

Trends & rhythms = future direction

My clients employ me as a source of guidance as they carve out their place in a hyper-connected world. They want a framework for perceiving the changing commercial landscape – an integrated approach that embraces the pulse of creation. They want clarity in the direction of their travel, a path for organic growth and a new way of operating in the world.


I work with CEO’s and leadership teams to build a shared vision and create a new language of being that helps them bridge the now into the future.


Put simply, I take your business model, brand’s essence or any issue that you’re eager for greater insight on and intuit and analyse any relevant consumer trends. I then evaluate the business within the context of the four rhythms and look at what’s preventing these patterns of energy from operating naturally and suggest ways this can be improved.


I deliver bespoke business intelligence. This actionable insight provides my clients with a focused direction of travel. The final output could involve recommendations on business and brand strategies, overseeing new product development, creating new communications materials, designing experiential events, speaking at corporate retreats, counsel when launching new ventures or workshop facilitation to further explore insights.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs: kristina@kristinadryza.com or view my commercial website.