Kristina DryzaI’m Kristina Dryža (pronounced Kriss-tin-ah Dree-zha), a trend forecaster and the author of the allegorical novel, Grace and the Wind. As a global consumer trends expert it’s my job to be at the forefront of future thinking. But there’s been a real progression in my work this past decade. I realised that while consumer trends can be one lens to filter and view potential futures, they’re also highly subjective and transient. Nature’s cycles on the other hand, are a constant.

Our lives are cyclical, not linear. A line from my book: “We cannot break the rhythms of nature, only ourselves against them,” illustrates why it’s crucial to operate within these rhythms. I’ve made a career of studying patterns (read this profile on my commercial work) and decamped to Hawaii to more fully immerse myself in nature’s sequences and cycles while writing this book.

We often feel separate from the natural world as we’ve forgotten we are nature – what we breathe out effects the world around us. We are part of a greater ecosystem. Nature is frequently used in the third person, the ‘It’, rather than the ‘Us’. When we attempt to go ‘be with nature’ we only increase our disconnection as we romanticise it, or only look for its perfectly stylised expressions. Nature is a living consciousness of power and wisdom and is in our guts as much as she’s expressed as the wind and sea. For her struggle is not natural. Rain doesn’t fight to fall, flowers don’t strain to bloom and the earth certainly doesn’t labour and toil to rotate.

Here’s an interview where I discuss the importance of rhythm and flow as well as one of my very first posts on the topic. Please join me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to continue the conversation on living in harmony with nature’s wisdom. To enquire about future workshops and individual coaching sessions, please email: kristina@kristinadryza.com